Aromatic Malt


A moderately kilned malt designed to impart malt aromatics. It is very similar to a dark munich malt, but produces a more intense almost exaggerated malty aroma. It also imparts substantial color.

Aromatic malt contains some diastatic enzymes but is generally not used as a base malt. It is often limited to about 10 percent of the grist so that the malt character does not become overpowering.

Beer Styles

Aromatic malt is often used in malty Belgian styles such as abbey dubbel and Belgian strong dark ale. It could be used in lagers with prominent malt aroma such as Oktoberfest/Marzen, bock, and doppelbock. It could also be used in any other beer where you desire increased malt aroma (possibly brown porter, Baltic porter, Southern English and Northern English brown ale).

Malt Analysis

Extract Potential 1.036
Color (°L) 19 - 25
DPLin) 30
Protein (%) 11