Baltic Porter

Vital Statistics

O.G. 1.060 – 1.090
F.G. 1.016 – 1.024
ABV 5.5 – 9.5 %
IBU 20 – 40
SRM 17 – 30
Volumes CO2 1.7 – 2.3

Statistics from [1] and [2]

Related Styles

Based on English porters particularly brown porter. Influenced by Russian imperial stout with which it shares many of the same intense roast flavors. Schwarzbier is another lagered beer similar in color and also often made with debittered dark grains.

Brewing Baltic Porter

Grains Vienna or Munich malt generally used as base. Debittered chocolate or black patent malt provides smooth roast flavors. Crystal malts often included producing sweetness. Amber and brown malt were traditionally used in this style.

Hops Spicy continental hops (e.g. Saaz and Lublin).

Yeast Lager yeast or cold fermentation with ale yeast.

Water Moderate to high carbonate levels would balance acidity from dark grains.


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