Brown Porter

Vital Statistics

O.G. 1.040 – 1.052
F.G. 1.008 – 1.014
ABV 4.0 – 5.4 %
IBU 18 – 35
SRM 20 – 30
Volumes CO2 1.7 – 2.3

Statistics from [1] and [2]

Related Styles

Brown Porter occupies a stylistic space somewhere between robust porter and brown ales such as southern English brown ale and American brown ale. Historically Baltic porter may be derived from interpretations of brown porter.

Brewing Brown Porter

Grains English pale malt (or historically brown malt) as the base malt. Color and roasted flavors provided by chocolate malt and small amounts of roast barley or black patent malt. Residual sweetness and additional complexity from crystal malts and/or various toasted malts.

Hops UK hop cultivars used primarily for subtle bittering and balance.

Yeast Relatively clean strains of English or Irish Ale yeast. May be produced as a lager.

Water Moderate carbonate water similar to that of London or Dublin.


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