Crystal 20L Malt


This is a fairly light colored crystal malt. It imparts sweet caramel flavors to the finished beer. It also increases head retention and mouthfeel.

Crystal malts come in a wide range of colors on the lovibond scale from about 10L to 120L. Dextrin malt and Special B malt are both special types of crystal malt. Each barley grain of a crystal malt is covered in small crystals of caramelized sugar. The first step of crystal malt production is stewing where the grains are cooked while very wet. The moisture allows conversion of starches into simple sugars, similar to mashing. The second step is kilning to dry the grains out and roast them to the desired darkness. The kilning caramelizes the sugars produced during the first step.

Stewing produces sugars of intermediate molecular size called dextrins. These are unfermentable by yeast but increase mouthfeel and body.

Intermediate molecular weight proteins have a strong effect on head retention and mouthfeel. Crystal malts are often made from 6-row barley and have very high protein content.

Beer Styles

Light crystal malts are often used to add some sweetness and complexity to pale ales.

Malt Analysis

Extract Potential 1.035
Color (°L) 20
DPLin) 0
Protein (%) 13