Dextrin Malt


This malt is rich in mouthfeel enhancing dextrins. It imparts little in the way of flavor, aroma, or color. Dextrins are carbohydrates of intermediate size larger than monosaccharides and disaccharides but smaller than starches. Dextrins are considered sugars, but they only taste slightly sweet depending on the situation. In general, they are pretty flavorless although the effect they have on texture can affect the perception of other flavors. Dextrins are not necessarily the only carbohydrates imparted by dextrin malt, but the resulting contribution to original gravity is still essential non-fermentable.

Dextrin malt is technically a crystal or caramel malt. Except it is extremely pale and does not have any of the caramel flavors found in other crystal malts. Dextrin malt is stewed like other crystal malts to develop dextrins from starch, but then it is dried at very low temperatures like a pilsner malt. This results in an extremely light colored malt that can be easily used to enhance body, mouthfeel, and head retention without altering other properties.

Malt Analysis

Extract Potential 1.033
Color (°L) 1.3 - 1.5
DPLin) 0
Protein (%) 13