Crystal 120L Malt


This is one of the darkest crystal or caramel malts available. It imparts residual sweetness and body along with deep red color. Using crystal malts helps head retention by contributing intermediate-size unfermentable sugars (dextrins) and complex proteins. Therefore, crystal malts are useful in most beer styles. The total percentage of crystal malts should be limited to about 15 percent of the grist.

This malt produces strong caramel flavors, sweetness, and a mild roast character. Similar to other dark crystal malts it tastes like burnt sugar, and it can produce dried fruit flavors like plum or raisin. Since the sugars in this malt are heavily caramelized, it is less sweet than lighter crystal malts and has slightly lower extract potential.

This malt has undergone a stewing process, where it was roasted while damp to cause its sugars to caramelize. The heat from this procedure destroys the mashing enzymes. Crystal malts should be mashed with a base malt to provide enzymes.

Beer Styles

Dark crystal malt provides a depth of sweet and roast flavors for porter, stout, and Scotch ale. Smaller amounts can be used for interest in almost any style pale ale, strong ale, barley wine, etc.

Malt Analysis

Extract Potential 1.034
Color (°L) 120
DPLin) 0
Protein (%) 13