Ordinary Bitter


A low alcohol Brittish session ale with noticable hop bitterness. Ordinary Bitter is closely related to best bitter and extra special bitter, but it is distinguished by lower original gravity. This refreshing, low alcohol, and low carbonation pub ale is designed for long sessions of relaxed drinking.

Vital Statistics

O.G. 1.032 – 1.040
F.G. 1.007 – 1.011
ABV 3.2 – 3.8 %
IBU 25 – 35
SRM 4 – 14
Volumes CO2 1.5 – 2.0

Statistics from [1] and [2]

Related Styles

Ordinary bitter is the lowest gravity sub-style of English pale ales that also includes best bitter and extra special bitter (ESB). Modern examples possibly have some influence from American pale ales in terms of sometimes using non-English hop varieties.

Brewing Ordinary Bitter

Grains/Adjuncts Characterful English pale ale malt provides a base. Crystal malts provide some malt interest. May include some non-malt adjuncts such as sucrose, corn, or wheat.

Hops English hop varieties with an emphasis on bittering hop additions. Often dry-hopped in the cask.

Yeast English ale strains.

Water Moderate sulfate content accentuates hop bitterness.


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