Foreign Export Stout

Vital Statistics

O.G. 1.056 – 1.075
F.G. 1.010 – 1.018
ABV 5.5 – 8.0 %
IBU 30 – 70
SRM 30 – 40
Volumes CO2 1.7 – 2.3

Statistics from [1] and [2]

Related Styles

Export stout has an intermediate gravity compared to other styles of stout. It has a higher gravity than sweet stout or dry stout and a lower gravity than Russian imperial stout.

Brewing Foreign Export Stout

Grains/Adjuncts Can make use of grains found in dry stout or sweet stout but with additional fermentable sugars. Commonly pale base malt with any combination of crystal malts, chocolate malt, black patent, roast barley, and flaked barley. May include non-malt adjuncts.

Hops Any varieties of hops –primarily used for bittering.

Yeast Generally Ale yeast but sometimes lager yeast is used in examples brewed in tropical countries.

Water Most water profiles should work except for very soft water with low carbonate levels.


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