Vienna Malt


This is a lightly toasted barley malt a few degrees lovibond darker than pale malt. In this respect, it is comparable to English Maris Otter, but Vienna malt is traditionally used in beer styles from mainland Europe. The general perception of Vienna malt tends more towards malty sweetness. The method of production for Vienna malt is similar to that of Munich malt, and Vienna is intermediate in color between Pilsner malt and Munich malt. Both Vienna and Munich retain enough diastatic enzymes for use as base malts.

Beer Styles

Vienna malt is the main malt for Vienna lager, and it is frequently used as a large percentage of the grain for beers in the Oktoberfest/Märzen style. It is a good specialty grain for any style where some additional malt flavor is desired.

A pound or so in a five-gallon batch can fill out the flavors adding subtle malty sweetness and complexity to styles like nut brown ales, American pale ales, and American IPAs.

Malt Analysis

Extract Potential 1.035 - 1.036
Color (°L) 3.5 - 4.0
DPLin) 130
Protein (%) 12