Black Patent Malt


This malt has been roasted at high temperatures until it is almost burned. It produces a sharp roast grain character with some bitterness. It also contributes to perceptions of a dry finish. Black malt is not to be confused with black barley, another dark grain that has not been malted prior to roasting.

Like other dark grains black patent helps to lower the mash pH and can even contribute some tart/acidic flavors to the finished beer. The heat from roasting leaves black malt without mash enzymes. While dark grains contribute to wort gravity, the compounds they contribute are not very fermentable.

Beer Styles

Black patent is great for robust porters, stouts, and schwarzbiers. The flavors from black malt quickly become overwhelming at higher concentrations, so black malt is often less than 10 percent of the grist even in the darkest beers.

Malt Analysis

Extract Potential 1.023 - 1.027
Color (°L) 475 - 600
DPLin) 0
Protein (%) 11 - 13